What you can and cannot expect from me.

16 Mar

Classy like you can't believe.

Hello and welcome. This is my party/blog, and here’s what you can expect from it:

You can expect:

  • Pictures of my cat
  • Stories about my cat
  • Rants about my cat
  • Rants about almost any topic
  • Lists
  • Serious posts about Top 40 songs
  • Raves about food. It’s rare for me to rant about food.
  • Bookish, nerdy stuff
  • Links! I love links! I’ve been alllllll about sharing since I learned the concept in 1988.

What you can’t expect:

  • Serious examinations of scientific or mathematical concepts. My brain. It hurts.
  • Photos of my impeccably fashionable outfits or my perfectly coiffed hair. Yeah…those don’t exist.
  • Housekeeping tips
  • Raves about the latest wonder lentil/juice/seed/other disgusting food. Gross.
  • Medical/Legal/Business advice. Gah, I wish I could give that. I’d get paid so much more than I do.

It’s going to be awesome! Yeah!


Give me a shout!

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