Spring breaaaaaak…in my dreams.

22 Mar

I love the work environment at a university, especially as kids begin to leave for Spring Break. The weather’s perfect, the trees are in bloom, students are excited to finish their finals and party for seven days straight, and I have time to dream about where I would go if I was lucky enough to get a spring break.

I never did the whole spring break thing in college, but I would RIP UP spring break if I got one now. RIP IT UP…by sleeping until noon, reading for hours on end, watching tons of bad reality tv and eating as much ice cream as possible. Oh, and mimosas all. day. long.

AirBnB is a fantastic website where people can rent out their rooms or homes to travelers. So many AirBnB options stand out as very unique and super cool. Here are four places where I would happily have my relaxed/debauched mid-20’s spring break:

The Tiny Fern Forest Treehouse in Lincoln, Vermont

It’s a treehouse in the woods. Seriously. Be still, my heart! I would drink coffee and read and totally indulge my inner hermit who doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Plus I’m sure it would smell so lovely in the dewy morning!

A little stone cottage in a French vineyard

I will be happy to trade off some alone time to help in the vineyard, if it means I get to taste the wares! And it’s always classier to be sloppy drunk in France. Oui!

A gorgeous country lodge in Germany

This lodge can house 16 or more people, so this would be the party option. We would eat strudel and giant pretzels, then go out for bracing hikes through the hills. Of course, there would be yodeling during the day, and lots of beer at night.

The Austinville Airstream Trailer

An updated airstream trailer is the perfect home base for a trip to weird Austin. This would be the perfect napping location when I’ve gorged on barbecue and tacos, plus the patio area is built for margarita drinking.

My body may be stuck in an office next week, but my mind will be flitting amongst all these more relaxing, picturesque locations. And while my imaginary self may be drunk already, my real life self will be waiting until 5:30 pm to start drinking mimosas.


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