Links from 3/26-3/30

30 Mar

These plates at Anthropologie made me think of my Bristol days! Aw.

Dear MegaMillions,

Please let me win. I promise to use my winnings responsibly and not fall prey to the CURSE OF THE LOTTERY. I’ll only buy three ridiculous cars, no more. Cross my heart.

Forever yours,



Links of the week!

This has been the week of the Hunger Games. The roommate and I saw it on Monday, and enjoyed it enough to discuss changing Trixie’s name to Katniss afterwards. I’ve also had the soundtrack going fairly nonstop…yep. I’m a bit into it at the moment. Now if I just had these mind-boggling good Hunger Games cupcakes, my life would be complete!

I love imagining old timey monks writing these complaints in the margins of manuscripts! “Now I’ve written the whole thing: for Christ’s sake give me a drink.”

This mesmerizing, gorgeous wind map shows live wind patterns across the whole USA (via SwissMiss).

Dogs! So many dogs!

And this cat lady comic by Gemma Correll may be a bit too accurate (via Cupof Jo).


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