Friday Fun Times – 4/6/12

6 Apr

A beautiful, sunny day in West Hollywood. Ahhhh.

Happy weekend/Easter/sleeping in times! I’m heading up the coast to spend the next couple days with the family. I’m very excited to see them, as well as take advantage of the free laundry facilities.

What I Learned This Week:

  • Remember that cute little girl with the curly hair from the Pepsi commercials in the 90’s? That’s Jesse Eisenberg’s little sister! Mind = blown! Thanks, pop culture obsessed co-worker/IMDB.
  • Um, apparently some women can have orgasms from working out. Yeah…that’s neat. I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing whatever the opposite of orgasm is during exercise. Thanks, Double X Gabfest Podcast.
  • Eating right and working out diligently for one week does not lead to dropping three dress sizes. Boo. Thanks, sad personal experience.

Links of the Week!

What people say when you’ve lost 40 lbs…and how awkward it is.

Shmitten Kitten exposes the saddest element of guys’ bathrooms — the sad bathmat.

I love this post from Yes and Yes about how to stay smart after you’re done with school. NPR podcasts FTW!

I love Titanic now almost as much as I did in the 7th grade. Almost. These behind the scenes photos kind of blew my mind. Wait…they WEREN’T actually floating in the ocean?!

Going to this floating movie theater in Thailand is now added to my life list.

I’m really excited to enter my Information Studies grad program if it means I get to do presentations about classifying internet memes!



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