Friday Fun Times — 4/13

13 Apr

Happy 7th birthday to my mom's dog, Boone! He's usually a lot happier than he looks in this picture. My mom had just left the house, and he didn't know what to do with himself. Poor pup.

Thank you, week, for giving me an awesome date night with the guy (tacos an $3 movie! Ohhhh we fancy huh?) and lots of great work outs, including my fastest mile run ever (yeah, it’s still slow for most functioning human beings, but good for me!). Weekend, I’m looking at you to keep up the good times.

What I learned this week:

  • I already knew that I share my birthday with Liv Tyler, Princess Di, Dan Ackroyd and Pamela Anderson in the real world, but apparently I also share it with Indiana Jones and Eric Cartman in imaginary land! BEST BIRTHDAY EVERRRRRR. Thanks, Flavorwire.
  • Japanese sex hotels sound amazingly seedy, but in kind of a good way. Where else can you get crotchless panties from a vending machine? Thanks, Hairpin.
  • So, giving out free tapas is kind of a cultural thing in Granada, Spain. Why didn’t I know this 4 years ago when I was visiting Granada?!?! Thanks, Lonely Planet.


Dogocle! Gah, the pug’s face!

Keeping a lion as a pet — Such an awesome, horrible idea.

Iowa Girl Eats is my favorite new-to-me blog. All of her recipes look insanely mouth watering and yet somewhat healthy, and her Friday link round-ups are the best I have ever seen. Follow her now!

And in other food news, here are fifty places to eat for under $5 in LA. You are welcome.

Some days I’m excited to move to Texas, some days I’m terrified.

OMG the Titanic was REAL?! To end the list on a silly note, here are some tweets from people who didn’t know the Titanic was anything except a Kate Winslet/Leo DiCaprio movie… illustrated with corgis.



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