What I Read This Week: 4/12-4/18

18 Apr

I have a thing for historical novels. The always overly explained fashion! The little fun facts thrown in! The old timey jargon! I love it all. Civil War histories and Jewish histories have always been two of my favorite historical fiction topics, so All Other Nights by Dara Horn should’ve been right up my alley.


Not a bad book! Really! Just…not great either. It was one of those novels that you want to like a whole lot more than you actually do, seeing as how there isn’t anything really wrong with it. Horn’s research and passion for the topic is obvious, and I learned an awful lot (did you know that American Jews were kicked out of the Tennessee territory by General Grant?! TRUTH!) Also, there are some great (if awfully convenient) plot turns that certainly kept me reading. And it’s about spies! Who doesn’t love spies?!

Even with all this potential, it just didn’t come together. The plot lagged, especially in the beginning when it should be hooking the reader. The main character was sympathetic, but also just kind of…there. It’s hard to figure out his motivations, because he doesn’t seem to really have any beyond the most surface level. The novel stays with him through a couple years, but he never seems to get any deeper. He’s a pleasant companion, but not a riveting one.

So, three stars on Goodreads for you, All Other Nights. Average. Not bad. Average.

I’m back to the Little House books this week. I’m excited to re-visit the dug out in Plum Creek and the house at Silver Lake!


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