Austin: Keeping Apartment Hunting Weird

19 Apr

Rent Weird Realty

As the BIG LIFE CHANGE MOVE (puke gasp die anxiety attack) comes ever closer, I’ve started casually perusing Austin’s Craiglist postings to see what sort of housing options are out there. There seem to be lots of cute places, lots of hardwood floors, lots of A/C…and lots of weirdness. I have done fairly exhaustive house hunting in Los Angeles and London, two cities with their own quirks, but Austin really wins out in the crazy contest. Witness, and be weirded out:

1. Nudists everywhere!!!
Want to live in a nudist friendly environment? Austin is the place, apparently. So many houses may have strict rules about sharing food/household chores/paying bills on time, but clothing? Super optional. Yeah. I like my clothes. Going to have to pass on these options.

2. Tent living
Apparently, there are a subset of Austin residents who will pay you about $100-200 a month to set up a tent in your backyard. The couple who are writing a book and want to use the bathroom and kitchen facilities seem alright. The person who wants to have the “primitive” experience and doesn’t mention bathroom use at all? Yeah. Don’t want that in my backyard.

3. Let me just help you. No funny business.
To be fair, this isn’t just an Austin thing, because I’ve seen it in LA Craigslist ads too, but there’s a “middle aged man wanting to help out the younger, pretty lady by paying for part of her rent and not expecting anything in return” phenomenon. That all sounds on the up and up to me. What could go wrong?!

….and now I’m off to cower in a corner as I panic about having to move away. Please excuse me.


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