Friday Fun Times – 4/27

27 Apr

David Beckham would like to wish you a happy weekend. He would also like to invite you to run a hand over his scary abs.

Happy weekend, everyone! I have a pretty full one. Going to see Miss Saigon with the roommate for her birthday, then running my first 5k race ever on Sunday! Scary! Running a 5k has been on my life list for a long time, so I’m excited it’s actually happening. Now I just need to make it to the finish line…


What I learned:

  • You can do a walking tour of Southwest England’s cider country! OMG SIGN ME UP! (source)
  • A girl named Florence who works in a chip shop has Britain’s most beautiful/symmetrical face. I find this “beauty science” stuff fascinating! And she really is quite lovely. (Thank you, Daily Mail…oh great news purveyor.)
  • Jason Segel had to lose 35 lbs for his new movie. That’s 35 lbs less of Jason Segel to love. Stop it, Hollywood. (Thanks, Jezebel)
  • The English major is the 7th most useless major. Whatever. At least we’re better than film, fine arts and drama! Take that, arty kids! (Thanks, The Daily Beast)
  • There was a British show called, “Heil Honey! I’m home!” that followed the adventures of  Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun as they lived next door to a Jewish couple. Hijinks ensued. It was cancelled after one episode for blatantly obvious reasons.
  • Austin is a whole lot better than Los Angeles according to Travel and Leisure Magazine. Also, LA seems to be full of self-loathing. This whole website is fascinating, actually. (Thanks, Travel and Leisure)
  • Austin has fireflies! I love fireflies! Hooray! (Thanks, Austin Eavesdropper)


  • This week, there have been times when I could have used a secret hideout.

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