What I Read This Week: 4/26-5/2

2 May

You know who doesn’t have a reputation for writing really depressing books? Nick Hornby. You know who writes really fucking depressing books? Nick Hornby.

Am I the only one who thinks this? I’ve read two of his novels over the past year, Juliet, Naked and How to Be Good. Both left me with this uncomfortable ache about what relationships can be. Is everyone doomed to be in an apathetic marriage/long term relationship? Is there no passion? Does sex always become just another thing to do? Oh God. Now I’m freaking out. Thanks, Nick Hornby.

Anyway, Juliet, Naked follows the story of Annie and Duncan a boring, middle aged British couple who hardly seem to care about each other at all. Duncan cares more about a reclusive, not well known American musician, while Annie cares more about…I don’t know. Hating Duncan? Hating her life? Scaring me into thinking I may end up with her life?! They start to look for change in any place they can, but both seem to find it in that weirdo musician who is looking for his own way out. Hijinks ensue. Overall, not a bad book, not a great book. These people seem almost too imperfectly real, which got to me. How long can you watch two people be so sadly indifferent to each other without getting hives? Oh, that’s just me? Cool.

I think to calm myself down, I’ll watch High Fidelity on loop. That book/movie doesn’t have a very uplifting relationship plot either, but at least John Cusack is there, and Cusack is an always comforting presence.


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