Friday Fun Times – May 4th

4 May

Silly silly. But I kind of like it.

Happy May, everyone! April went by so quickly! My move away date from LA is getting closer, and I’m beginning to freak  the eff out. One step at a time, Mandy. That’s all you need to do.

What I learned:

To quote a NPR piece: “Just 9 percent of college students are enrolled at for-profit universities, but they account for 44 percent of all student [loan] defaults.” I hate for profit colleges so much. You get so little for so much money. Ridiculous. (Thank you, NPR).

Niceness is genetic! I’m so glad I have one other thing to thanks/blame my parents for. (Thank you, Telegraph).

Hot sauce production, self tanning product manufacturing, and yoga/pilates studios are three of the fastest growing industries.  Snooki eating tacos drowned in hot sauce while in downward facing dog – -America. This is your future. (Source).



Love this honest post about balance in good and bad foods. So real.

Also love this level headed, amazing post about weight loss from the same author:

Secret Garden Love!

Pop culture cereals…I especially love the Nintendo themed cereal that had both Mario and Zelda themed flavors!

A list of horrible things people have inadvertently said. Number 9 might be my new catchphrase. OH MY GOD. CAT JAIL.

How to get and keep a mentor. Such good advice, as I’ve been on both sides of this situation.



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