Books! Flowers! Huntington!

7 May

The Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena has been on the top of my “LA To-Do List” for…oh….9 years. Yep. Pasadena always seemed so far away, and I’m just so lazy. I heard over and over again just how awesome Huntington is, but for I kept putting off going for no good reason whatsoever. Last weekend, I finally got my butt in gear. After running the 5k last weekend, the bf and I headed out to Pasadena to see what all the Huntington fuss was about.

And oh. Oh my. You guys. IT’S AWESOME.

My big camera was completely out of battery, so the only photos I have are from my phone, and they don’t even begin to show how wonderful it was to be there on a warm, sunny April day.

There are 120 acres of gardens at the Huntington, and they’re all ridiculous in their own way. My favorite were the more wildflower influenced gardens, like the one above.

The rose garden was lovely too…even if some of the roses have dirty names! GASP!

I’m scandalized! Scandalized, I say!

They have just re-done their Japanese garden, and it is extremely lovely and peaceful. It is also home to some of the largest koi I have ever seen. What do they feed those monsters?


For an English lit nerd like myself, the Huntington Library is an almost religious experience. Gutenberg Bible? Check. Super early manuscript of The Canterbury Tales? Yep. How about a Shakespeare Folio? Got that too. RIDICULOUS. I spent a lot of time staring at books, wishing I could take them out to stroke and smell them.

What. I have a thing for books. Geez.

And if books aren’t your thing (freak), there’s the science section of the library, where there are old science books and collections of crazy old lightbulbs. I’ll bet no librarian went to library school expecting to become a lightbulb librarian, and yet, here they are.

These photos are only a smattering of what we saw. They don’t include the adorable goslings, the American arts wing (we didn’t even get a chance to step inside the European arts wing), the bonsai tree collection, the random parrot who was living in the gardens, the desert gardens, the ponds, etc etc etc.

So, if you live in the general California region and you haven’t been to the Huntington yet, make it your business to get there ASAP. You won’t regret it. Pinky promise.

And for your reference, here is my new life plan:

  • Get my Information Studies degree from UT.
  • Get job at Huntington Library.
  • Move to Pasadena and live in a lovely bungalow.
  • Have 2.5 kids and a dog.
  • Run around the Huntington Gardens after hours BECAUSE I CAN.

It’s going to be sweet.


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