Friday Fun Day – 5/11

11 May

So this is the view from the floor to ceiling windows of the West Hollywood Library. GEEZ LOUISE. I should be volunteering there soon, and I hope to spend a lot of time pressed up against those windows watching the world go by.

What I learned:

The Batcave from the 1960’s Batman TV show is in Griffith Park! The bf and I took a hike there last weekend, and it was pretty cool. A dead man’s head was found there recently, but that’s another story… (Thanks, Yelp)

Readability + Longform = AWESOME! It’s like having the best of journalism available to you whenever you want!

Kattenfestival in Ypres, Belgium is based on an old tradition of the town jester throwing cats off the belfry in order to banish evil spirits. Poor kitties! Now it’s all about throwing toy cats around. I can get behind that. (Thanks, Lonely Planet)

Disneyland’s Club 33 is opening 100 spots…soooo…does someone want to manage to wrangle my name to the top of the waitlist and then pay the membership dues for me? Please? I was lucky enough to visit Club 33 through a friend of a friend of a friend’s father, and it was redonkulous. $10,000 a year redonkulous? Probably not. (Thanks, LA Times)

There are going to be Girl Scout cookie candy bars. Buh bye diet. (Thanks, Jezebel)


Admission letter to the real world. I wish I could give this to every one of my students.

Ask an archivist!

According to Jonathan Gold, the LA Riots helped to shape the food culture in LA today.

How British are you? Take the quiz!

ZOMG Pancake art! I think the dog breeds and the fractals are my favorites.

Fake Books I’ve Asked Librarians For…the horror stories in the comments are great too.

This mini travel guide to Denmark makes me so wanderlusty…I’m dying to go!

Even the New York Times staff lies about having read books that they actually haven’t. David Foster Wallace is my most lied about author. I mean, I have read some stuff by him, but not a lot, and I haven’t really enjoyed it. I’ve gotten very good at nodding my way through conversations about his works.

And lastly, Cats that look like Ron Swanson. Enjoy.


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