Cinefamily’s Silent Movie Theatre….FINALLY.

14 May

I have lived three blocks from Cinefamily’s Silent Movie Theatre for four years. How many times have I seen a movie there? ZERO. ZERO TIMES. I am just that lazy, apparently.

Cinefamily shows all sorts of interesting things, from collections of Jim Henson’s lesser known shorts, to premieres of local indie films, to foreign cult classics. I finally got it together to go see My Neighbor Totoro, which was the kick-off to their Studio Ghibli retrospective.

My Neighbor Totoro

What was my experience like? It reminded me of seeing a movie in a lot of the Los Angeles small theaters. It’s only one screen, and it’s on the smallish side. The seats seem to have been stolen from some other theater, as they are jammed in, and unfortunately, extremely uncomfortable. The size of the theater makes for a more intimate experience, as everyone is there to really SEE that movie. There are very few casual movie goers at these screenings. Los Angelenos take their movies super seriously, which usually leads to insufferable movie talk at bars, but it also means that you feel like you’re part of a big movie watching family when you’re at these screenings. It’s kind of sweet.

Oh, and My Neighbor Totoro was adorable. It’s a perfect portrayal of the innocence of children, without masking their brattiness. That seems to be rare in childrens’ movies. Oh, and the Catbus?! Awesome.  I want one.

Creepy, but amazing.

And maybe the best thing? This was the opening of the Ghibli month, so there were adorable Totoro themed snacks and soju afterwards! Woohoo! I dropped the ball and didn’t take pictures, but I found a couple on Greasedtea’s Tumblr. REDONKULOUS.


Aw. Totoro snack. I like his whiskers.

So, yes. I’d say it was a solid A experience. If the seats had been a bit more comfy, A+. And that’s another item off my LA list!


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