Trixie Tuesday: Round 9!

15 May

Dear Trixie,

Thank you for peeing on my bed last night. It was such a treat to walk into my room exhausted and very ready for bed, just to see a GIANT puddle on my sheets. You’ll be happy to know that it soaked all the way through the sheets, the mattress cushion and down into the mattress itself. Good job on that peeing! Wow. You must have had a lot to drink. You’ll also be happy to know  that I made a nest on the floor and slept there so I could leave baking soda on the soiled mattress overnight. It was just like camping!

I also find it really sweet that the only place you pee besides your litter box is my bed. You’ve never peed in my roommate’s bed or on the couch. You leave houseplants alone. Really, you just save it all for me. How sweet.

Really, Trixie, you’re the best. Your charms know no end.

Just what Trixie deserves: an incredibly unflattering photo posted to the internet. Take that, cat.




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