24 May

Summer can make me grouchy. Instead of focusing on the long, warm evenings, the fun events going on around town, the swimming pools, BBQs, fireworks, etc etc etc, I tend to focus on the HEAT.

I live a life with no A/C, except at work. My house doesn’t have A/C, so it bakes in the slightest heat. My car has no A/C, so I always arrive crumpled and sweaty wherever I go. I end up gross and grouchy almost every day, and who likes a gross and grouchy Mandy? No one.

But then I saw this photo and I realized I’m doing summer wrong:

The only way to celebrate summer? Choke a baby lion on a beach while smirking in the creepiest way ever.

Summer plans — MADE!



One Response to “Summer — YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT.”

  1. chantilly May 25, 2012 at 4:56 am #

    wow… that has got to be one of the oddest photos i’ve seen in awhile! clearly, we’re all doing summer wrong 😛

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