Friday Fun Day – 6/1/12

1 Jun

Last weekend was spent having a grand old time in the San Francisco Bay Area with old college friends. There were fireworks (happy 75th bday, Golden Gate Bridge), old school board games and video games, and pups!

What I learned this week:

  • I helped (and by helped, I mean tried my hardest not to get in the way) the bf film a school play yesterday for  a special academy in South Central LA that helps kids in underserved communities learn  through global mindedness, arts, and creativity.  As part of the video, we sat the kids down and interviewed them about the play, school and what they want to be when they grow up. I quickly learned/remembered that kids have AWESOME career plans. There are lots of future veterinarians and doctors out there. One girl is going to travel the world and cure all the diseases! One is going to be a singer AND a veterinarian. And of course, the future first female president was there. As an indecisive 20 something, I get really wrapped up in what career I should pursue, whether it’s realistic or not, whether I’ll make enough money, etc etc etc. Hearing kids be excited to tell you what they want to be one day without having any doubts about the reality was refreshing. And when you hear about the first pop star/veterinarian making it big in 2027, know that I met her first!


  • Look at this little cat! I want to squeeze him and call him mine!




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