Friday Fun Day – 6/29/12

29 Jun

A part of the archival material I’m organizing at the West Hollywood Library. Best volunteer project ever!

What I Learned:

I learned that having amazing, sweet friends is one of the best things around. I’ve learned that I can be sad, but I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve learned that you can have insanely frantic, mixed emotions about a relationship ending. I’ve learned that Facebook becomes a horrible emotional minefield after a break-up. Too many reminders there. I’ve learned that I can be very numb, and that in itself freaks me out. I’ve learned that keeping your own life while you’re in a relationship is REALLY helpful if it ends. I’ve learned that you can still be in a relationship in your head for days (weeks?) afterwards, even though you know it’s over. I’ve learned that you can still respect and care about the person you’ve broken up with, if he’s a generally good, kind person and goes about ending the relationship in a non-douchey way. I’ve learned that I can get through emotionally fraught times, while still functioning. That’s comforting to know.

OH! And I’ve learned that I can fit a jeans TWO SIZES smaller than when I first started dieting, and that I have the power to lose TWENTY POUNDS. Boom. Anyone want advice on how to break a diet plateau? Just have your bf break up with you. The number will go down immediately.


  • I would eat all of this pocky cake. Every. Single. Bite.

One Response to “Friday Fun Day – 6/29/12”

  1. Casee Marie July 2, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    Thanks again for the sweet mention! I’m so glad you enjoyed the essay. And happy belated birthday, I hope it was a great one! I’m 24 so I guess I have a few years to prepare for the 27 curse? Thanks for the heads-up. 😉

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