4 Jul

“There was only one night game a year. On the 4th of July the whole sky would brighten up with fireworks, giving us just enough light for a game.
We played our best then because, I guess, we all felt like the big leaguers under the lights of some great stadium. Benny felt like that all the time.
We all knew he was gonna go on to bigger and better games, because every time we stopped to watch the sky on those nights like regular kids, he was there to call us back.
You see, for us, baseball was a game. But for Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, baseball was life.”

The Sandlot has the best 4th of July scene ever. Hands down.

Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Yanks. I hope you spend the day gorging yourself on barbecue, drinking all sorts of beer, cheering on your favorite baseball team and blowing stuff up. It’s the American way.


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