Friday Fun Day — 7/27

27 Jul

Another item axed from LA Adventure List…eating at Animal! This restaurant specializes in the nose-to-tail eating style with lots of weird cuts of meat. I’ve wanted to try it for a while, but only got around to it now. The food — phenomenal. Buffalo style pig tail, oxtail poutine, shrimp and rabbit spring rolls, fried quail, pork belly sandwiches, hamachi tostada and marrowbone with chimichurri — I would happily eat all of you again and again if it didn’t wreak so much havoc on my diet. The service, unfortunately, was typical snooty LA restaurant style, which means we were seated AN HOUR after our reservation and our waiter frankly couldn’t care less, but at least the food was worth it!

What I learned this week

  • There is a beauty pageant for sexy Italian nuns. There are beauty pageants for prisoners in Colombia and Siberia. And, of course, there is the coveted Miss Armpit Queen title here in the States. I’m so glad I know this now. (Thanks, The Vine)
  • I would just like my fly friends to know that if you have loud sex, you could get eaten by sneaky bats. And your neighbors will hate you. (Thanks, Smithsonian Magazine)
  • 8th graders, yes 8th graders, can be offered college football scholarships five years in advance. Congrats, Dylan Moses! I hope you enjoy your time at LSU…in 2017. (Thanks Cosby Sweaters)
  • People have been exactly the same, since at least the days of Pompeii. This graffiti found at Pompeii is lovelorn, irreverent and dirty. So dirty. One of my favorites: “Defecator, may everything turn out okay so that you can leave this place”. Indeed.



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