Friday Fun Day: 8/9/12

10 Aug

Nothing like a good cat + hip hop joke.

It’s been a tough week. As I said yesterday, a move + car problems is probably the worst. How the heck am I supposed to go to Ikea a million times for the things I forgot if I can’t get to my car?! But, last night, I went swimming in the amazing Barton Springs with my roommate and her friends, today I discovered a sweet little park in my neighborhood while out on my run, and now I’m sitting on my front porch blogging, drinking a cold drink and listening to cicadas. It’s not all bad.

What I Learned:

  • If you put * into a Google Maps search while zoomed in on your neighborhood, you can see everything that’s listed there! It’s great for people who have moved to completely unfamiliar areas, like me. (Thanks Lifehacker for that tip and so many more good ideas about how to get comfortable in a new city!)
  • IPA stands for India Pale Ale, and it was created because it could withstand the long shipping time to India from England! (Thanks Wikipedia and The Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast)
  • “Y’all” can be used for a singular person. I have no idea why you would use “y’all” instead of “you”, but in Texas, you can if you want!


Happy weekend, y’all!


One Response to “Friday Fun Day: 8/9/12”

  1. wildacademicwoman August 10, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    I almost went to Austin myself but decided on the Midwest instead. Hope you enjoy it!

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