28 New Things: Visit the San Antonio Riverwalk

20 Aug

Under Riverwalk Bridge

When I was about 13, my mom, sister, grandma, aunt, two cousins and I took an epic road trip from California to East Tennessee to visit family. As you can imagine, it was a pretty epic trip. There was lots of stops at tourist trap “trading posts” in the southwest, long drives that were made more entertaining by talking/fighting with the cousins, random stops in bayous and Civil War battlegrounds (SO MANY CIVIL WAR BATTLEGROUNDS), and even a trip to the Alamo! My mom wanted so badly to go to the San Antonio Riverwalk that day, as it is only a few blocks from the Alamo, but for whatever reason, it was decided that we needed to move on. My mom has wanted to go back ever since.

So, as my parents were here for a few days after helping me move in, we decided that a long overdue trip to the Riverwalk was necessary. And guess what, I didn’t take a single photo. Not even one instagram shot. I was still in the super stressed moving mindset, and photography was really the last thing on my mind. So, I had to nab some pretty shots other people took for this post.

It is a really lovely space. Situated slightly below the streets of San Antonio (which makes it so much cooler than the rest of the city!), the roughly two and a half mile series of walkways and bridges follows the San Antonio River. There are tons of shops and restaurants, with outside seating complete with bright umbrellas and the most ridiculously aggressive birds ever. Tours of the river are given in cute little boats, and the place is just swamped with tourists.

My parents and I had lunch at Casa Rio, the oldest restaurant on the riverwalk. The food was … eh, but the experience was fun. And really, the birds were intense. They would walk up and try to go after your chips, as you were sitting there! I finally got chased off the table by a flock of about 10 or so. Fine! You can have it, evil pigeons!

All in all, a fun, pretty space, but pretty Disneyland-esque. It feels touristy and sanitized, but it certainly isn’t like anywhere else I’ve ever been! It’s a great place to beat the San Antonio heat for a little bit and do some people watching.


One Response to “28 New Things: Visit the San Antonio Riverwalk”

  1. C. A. Husted August 23, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    Well, it’s nice to hear that you made it back out of Tennessee. Some of us arrived and found ourselves stuck. — As for the Riverwalk: It’s sounds quite nice, it’s a shame you were busy with other things on your mind. Maybe you could stop by another time and show those birds a little revenge, and actually enjoy the most of your trip.. picture-taking included.

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