Friday Fun Day – 8/31/12

31 Aug

It’s official — I’m a Longhorn now. The tower got lit up all orange and everything! Also, you can’t really tell from this photo, but the lit up windows spell out “16” in honor of the freshmen class of 2016. Well done, UT. Well done.

What I Learned
  • According to research out of Norway, teen girls who mistakenly believe that they are overweight are much more likely to be overweight in their twenties than teen girls who are happy with their weight. This doesn’t surprise me, but it serves as such a good reminder of why we need to be supportive of teen girls’ psyches and bodies.
  • America had a strategic military plan in case the UK decided to attack us using Canada. Take Halifax, then on to New Brunswick! It’s dangerous that we let this information become public. Now what are we going to do if the mounties try to move in on Minnesota?!
  • The actor who played R2D2 and the actor who played C3P0 didn’t get along…at all. may be the saddest thing I learned all week.


  • Apparently, I’ve made my love of Alana from Toddlers and Tiaras so public that my friends know to send me any article they find about her. I’d act like I think they’re crazy for doing it…but I love it. No need to lie. Anyway, this Slate article about Alana and the social history of the hillbilly brings up some thought-provoking points about the American love/hate of the hillbilly lifestyle:

 And such ridicule has always been politically coded: The hillbilly figure allows middle-class white people to offload the venality and sin of the nation onto some other constituency, people who live somewhere—anywhere—else. The hillbilly’s backwardness highlights the progress more upstanding Americans in the cities or the suburbs have made. These fools haven’t crawled out of the muck, the story goes, because they don’t want to.

This idea that the hillbilly’s poverty is a choice allows more upscale Americans to feel comfortable while laughing at the antics before them. It also pushes some people to embrace the stereotype as a badge of honor.


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