Trixie Tuesday: The Scruffy, Baby Trix

4 Sep

An itsy bitsy Trixie…helping me “study” for the GRE way back in October 2011.

This is what Trix looked like when we rescued her — scruffy, mangy, dirty and a pain the ass. She really wanted to help me get the GRE math section down. Thanks, Trixie!


One Response to “Trixie Tuesday: The Scruffy, Baby Trix”

  1. shadowoperator September 4, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Aw, how cute is that! We all have baby pictures of some kind, even just those generated of how we saw things at the time in our own minds. To Trixie, that pen she’s slapping around was probably a threatening snake about to devour her rescuers! Aren’t you lucky Trixie was there?

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