Friday Fun Day – 9/21/12

21 Sep

Texas weather can be rough. Goodbye, lovely tree who shaded my patio. No more blogging outside! 😦

What I Learned:

  • The second most stolen car is a 1998 Honda Civic, and five of the top ten cities with highest stolen car rates are in the California Central Valley. As an owner of a 1997 Honda Civic with a good deal of family in one of those valley cities…yeah. My car isn’t going there anymore. (Thanks, Esurance)
  • Plague doctors wore the freakiest outfits ever. EVER. “The costume consisted of a cloak made of heavy fabric covered in wax to protect the doctor’s body, and a mask to keep out the sick air. The masks had a long cone shaped structure at the nose, to be filled with scents that would protect the doctor from the bad air.” Please go see these photos, but not on a creepy, stormy night.
  • We are more jealous when our bf/gf has lunch with an ex rather than coffee. This goes in my file of things I had never really thought about, but TOTALLY agree with. Because, duh! Coffee is the stuff of online dates, but LUNCH IS IMPORTANT!


As the disease burrows in and the malnourished body begins to conserve its resources by shutting down hormone production, he goes numb. His libido vanishes. Other people cease to exist for him. The anorexic starts out trying to control food and ends up being controlled by it. Virtually every decision he makes is dictated by his horror of it.


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