October Currently.

1 Oct

I’ve been inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet to do a “currently” post on the first of every month, just to sort of check in with whatever is happening in my crazy life. So, hello, October. Let’s do this.

Apple Time

This gorgeous photograph by loretoidas on Flickr does not represent autumn in Austin. At all. It looks nice though, right? Cozy? COME ON, AUSTIN, GIVE ME AUTUMN.


Loving… Zumba. Oh zumba. I managed to go to four classes over three days, and I felt great about it! Some of the teachers are a little bit less intense than others, but all in all it’s a decent workout. And any workout that involves that many hip rolls, shimmies and “get lows!” is alright by me. I must say, my bootie shaking abilities have improved significantly since taking these courses. WOOOT.

The only downside? I start thinking of zumba routines for any song I hear. Guys. I have such a good routine worked out for 3oh!3’s song “My First Kiss”. You don’t even know how awesome it is.

Anticipating…Cooler, somewhat Fall-like weather. Oh, Austin, you are a tease. It was supposed to rain this whole weekend, and the temperatures were only supposed to get into the low 80s (pretty much the lowest daytime high since I’ve moved here!) and instead we got a bit of cool air, a few isolated downpours, and steamy tropical heat otherwise. Ah, come on. I had my boots all ready to go! It’s supposed to go back up into the low 90’s, but after that, fingers and toes crossed, it’s supposed to be in the high 70’s! I never thought I’d think of the 70’s as blissfully cool, but it sounds so nice!

Watching… Netflix! Why did I wait so long to set up my Wii so I can watch Netflix streaming?! I have no idea. It’s probably been a good thing to have less distractions, but wow. How I missed it. The new show I’m getting into? Breaking Bad! Yeah, I’m late to the party. Everyone watches Breaking Bad. Even my dad watches Breaking Bad. I had seen the first couple episodes way back in 2008 when they first aired, and I liked it, I just never had time to really watch. And now, I still don’t have time, but it’s pretty engrossing! Bryan Cranston, you’re amazing.

Listening to… Spotify like crazy. I sprung for the membership that allows me to listen commercial free from my laptop (but not the fancy one that I can take on my cell phone), and it has been such a great help for studying! Favorite tunes of the moment?

Robotboy by Robyn

Faster Harder by The Royal Baths (yeah. It’s awesome. And a bit stripper-y.)

Bottom of the River by Delta Rae

Bugg’n by TNGHT

Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding (over and over and over)

And if I’m really in the studying mode, I’m probably listening to the soundtracks from Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre by Dario Marianelli. They are both perfect for focusing!

Discovering… All the awesome coffee shops in Austin! There is definitely an Austin coffee shop look. Throw together a bunch of mismatched, cute furniture, quirky, weird dishes and handwrite your menu. Add a TON of plugs and just the right amount of grunge, and you have the perfect coffee shop. Oh, having a patio is mandatory, not optional.

Fuming about… the state of women’s health in Texas. I don’t want to write about it too much because it gets me truly upset and depressed to think of how much funding has been slashed from family planning (if you Google “womens health funding Texas” you’ll find more than enough information”). I remember getting all upset about it months ago when I first heard about it, but I was living in California, and it seemed a world away. Now, I’m here. I’m lucky to have health insurance for at least the next three months, but after that…? Thank you, Texas, for making me feel like a second class citizen who is too irresponsible to have a say over her body.

Working on… figuring out a balance. I forgot how school can be all enveloping. There is always something I could be working on. I could be reading this article or that article; I could be working on a paper that’s due in three weeks; I could be researching current issues in the field; I could be interviewing current professionals…really. There is truly always something. But after meeting some people who have given themselves over entirely to school, it quickly becomes apparent how important having a balance is. You need to have outside interests, outside friends, outside hobbies. Having that, makes you a much more interesting, creative student, I think. It prevents tunnel vision, and, good God, it lets you have some fun! But the juggling act…it’s a bit tough to figure out. I’m working on it.

Feeling thankful for… fun e-mail exchanges with old friends. It’s easy to let old, old friends fall to the wayside as you move away, go to college and start the whole adult life thing. When your paths cross again, it can be awkward…or it can be awesome! Some of the people I last saw as 17 year olds have become absolutely kick-ass, smart, amazing grown-ups. I’m lucky to get to have the chance to be friends again!

All in all, things are good. Busy, but good. It’s not a bad place to be.


2 Responses to “October Currently.”

  1. Laura October 1, 2012 at 10:02 am #

    BREAKING BAD! I love you. I suggest for your balancing act thing: 1 day doing school workish things, one day watching Breaking Bad. It’s necessary to set aside whole days for it, I believe 🙂

    • ohdizzle October 1, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

      I wish! Right now, I’m allowing myself one episode a night. I work until midnight…then BREAKING BAD!

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