November Currently.

1 Nov

south austin before a storm

Where did October go? Time absolutely zooms by when you’re so busy that you barely have time to turn around. It’s kind of terrifying, actually. Taking a few minutes to reflect on where I am currently is probably a good idea for the old mental health.




A visit from two of my best friends in the whole world! This weekend, there’s going to be lots of silliness, eating, chatting and running around Austin. As much as I have been enjoying my awesome friends here, I love having people around who have known me for nine years, and who have seen me through all the ups and downs of college and my early twenties. Oh, and having people around who are enthusiastic about seeing all the ins and outs of Austin is fantastic too.


The pumpkin spice coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. I picked up a bag at Target, and I am officially obsessed. I may need to stock up before it disappears at the end of the pumpkin spice season.


San Antonio for having a Trader Joes open this weekend. Lucky, lucky, lucky. That being said, the fastest highway in the nation just opened between San Antonio and Austin, so I may need to bring a cooler and take a little trip. I’ll just have to watch out for the wild boar infestation.


For the past couple of Halloweens, has asked for submissions of readers’ true scary stories. THEY ARE ADDICTING AND SO SCARY. There are too many haunted houses out there. I’m never buying. Renting forever. I was going to link to some of my favorites, but Jezebel’s website is down due to Hurricane Sandy at the moment. When it goes back up, you can find them all HERE. READ THEM SO SCARY OMG.

Listening to…

I have found that movie soundtracks are the best music to listen to while grading. My favorites of the moment? The Social Network and There Will Be Blood (There Will Be Blood seems particularly appropriate, since so many of my students are going to be future oil folks!)

Oh, and I forgot how great the Dixie Chicks are. I love rediscovering their music.


The cool weather! The crazy amount of butterflies everywhere! The blue skies! For anyone who’s trying to plan a trip to Austin, late October may be the time to do it. Sure, it still gets into the 80’s, but the oppressive, all-encompassing heat seems to be gone.

Also loving: random strip mall karaoke bars, cheap beer, trying swing dancing again, the time changing so the sun may actually be out when I get up, zumba class still, goofy Halloween costumes and fun size candy bars. Those are all good things.


(Inspired by Sometimes Sweet)


2 Responses to “November Currently.”

  1. Katie Glenn November 1, 2012 at 7:30 am #

    Have a great time with your friends!

  2. Kendra M November 22, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    This reminds me of cajete!

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