Friday Fun Day — 11/16/12

16 Nov

A weird, but very happy car in weirdo Austin.


What I Learned


  • These simple photos of Dutch soldiers before they went to Afghanistan, during their tours and then after they returned are really powerful.
  • Slate has a new blog, The Vault, in which they’ll be posting one weird item from historical archives every weekday. Who’s excited? THIS GIRL.
  • As the granddaughter of walnut farmers on both sides of my family, I feel like I should attempt to make walnut milk at some point.
  • If you haven’t already, you really should read this long article from The Atlantic about the Kanye/Jay-Z Watch the Throne tour. I find them both endlessly fascinating, for entirely different reasons.
  • A kindergarten shaped like a cat?! WHAAAAT.
  • This essay, “On Being a Fat Child” , is both heartbreaking and incredibly thought-provoking.

When I look at my own experience of being a fat kid, I don’t see a problem with society, or cruel children, or unlimited soda refills. I see a problem with—how do I put this without appearing to be swatting the wrist of my 8-year-old self?—I see a problem with me, and with the way I understood my size. There was very little fat-shaming in my life, but I still felt like being fat was wrong, bad, unfeminine, shameful—all those things fat activists say are erroneously attached to weight. They’re right to say that; those feelings should be separate from weight. Yet they weren’t separate, not for me. I filtered any feeling I had—about my fatness or anything else—through food, and my chronic overeating was what kept me fat. My feelings were my fatness; my fatness, feelings.


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