December Currently.

6 Dec


December 1 zoomed on by without me even noticing! Whaaaaaaa.

Guys. There’s less than three weeks until the Mayan apocalypse. I know, right? I hope you’re all telling all your co-workers and family members how you REALLY feel and spending all your money on candy. It’s totally going to not matter anymore in three weeks. Yep.

Or….nothing will happen at all and you’ll be poor, unhealthy and no one will want to talk to you. That could happen too.

So what am I doing right now?


I may have made an actual academic decision about where I want my degree to go. I KNOW. I’m shocked too. This certainly isn’t written in stone, but I’m looking now at more museum work rather than archives stuff. I have a volunteer position lined up at my favorite Austin museum for next semester, and I’ll see how it goes. Really, after about a year and a half of lots of really scary doubts about my career path, it just feels good to have a little bit of direction.


to only kind of corny Christmas music. A Very She & Him Christmas was the soundtrack to my mad essay writing last night. Throw in some Sufjan Stevens Christmas music, and I’m a pretty happy camper.

Oh, and some Bing Crosby. Corny? yes. Necessary? absolutely.


Everything in my pantry. It’s bad. Finals make me eat? All the time? I’m trying to keep it under control, but I’m pretty sure that the only thing that will bring an end to this madness will be my last paper being turned in on Monday. I’m sorry, body. I’ll take better care of you soon. Soon, my precious.


My three week trip back to California for the holidays! There’s going to be lots of fun in LA, my favorite city with my favorite ex-roommate and favorite Trixie, then it’s on to have family time, and then ending with New Year’s Eve in San Francisco. I’m so excited to see all the people and places that I love. Oh, and eating Mexican food that isn’t Tex Mex sounds pretty darn good to me too.


Sleep. I need it. Maybe you could tell from the silliness of this post. Yeah, I’m a bit loopy. Operating on less than five hours of sleep per night for the past week has started to take it out of me. So, I’m keeping this “Currently” post short and tucking myself in. It’s been real, folks.

(This post is inspired by the series at Sometimes Sweet)


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