What I Read This Week: 12/6 – 12/12/12

12 Dec


comfort me with apples


Yep, still into that whole food memoir thing. After reading Garlic and Sapphires, and just drooling over her descriptions of food, I knew I had to read her other memoirs. 

Comfort Me With Apples tells the story of Reichl’s late twenties and early thirties, which she started in a hippie commune in Berkeley and ended as the LA Times food critic. Along the way, there are heartbreaking romantic dalliances, delicious trips to Europe and Bangkok, family tragedies and, in true Reichl style, amazing food descriptions. My favorite from this book?

The food on the table actually looked more vegetable than animal, like it had been cut from a garden and not fished from the sea. The tiny squid were the size of blueberries; they were tinged with black and, when I stretched out a finger to touch them, felt as soft as peaches. Grilled sardines were stacked head to tail, like so many logs piled onto the platter. Baby octopuses, their tentacles tightly curled, had the air of prickly little roses basking in the sun, and cuttlefish were tangled into a sofrito of tomatoes and onions, looking like bittersweet growing in a meadow.

Sigh. I’m not the biggest fan of seafood, but I would eat ALL of that.

I think I enjoyed Garlic and Sapphires more, as it dwelled more on the ridiculously delicious food Reichl eats and less on her romantic life, but really, I’d recommend either. They’re light, but not insubstantial. And just so delicious!


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