What will become of me?

17 Dec


“‘Do you know how I see you?’ he asked. ‘I see a little girl sitting on a rock in a glade near a forest. The Pied Piper comes along playing his music, and all the other little girls leave the security of their homes and dance along after him, far, far away to another land. That’s the land of marriage and respectability and who knows? Maybe disappointment for some. All of them, or nearly all, follow the Pied Piper; but you don’t. Then along comes Pan, grizzled and hairy, with a leer on his human face and the sweet music of the pipes of Pan in his mouth. He goes off into the forest, and a few girls like your friend Gregg follow him. They’re the ones who have the courage to break with tradition, to live as freely as they like. You watch them disappear into the forest, but you don’t follow Pan either.You want to think the way you like and live freely, but on the other hand you want to be married and conventional and have a family. So you just sit there on your rock, and you say, What will become of me?'”

— from The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe (image by Krisatomic)


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