Trixie Tuesday: Getting into the spirit.

18 Dec
Why, what's that under the tree? Can it be? A NEW BABY TRIX!

Why, what’s that under the tree? Can it be? A NEW BABY TRIX!


Happy holidays, everyone! As part of the holiday season, I’m visiting my folks for about ten days. They live in a smaller town on the California Central Coast which is known for its natural beauty and clean air…but not for its internet access. Please excuse any sporadic posting/weird posting issues. I’ll do my best while cursing Verizon’s lousy internet service.


One Response to “Trixie Tuesday: Getting into the spirit.”

  1. shadowoperator December 18, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    You just can’t imagine how much I would like to find a tiny Trixie under my tree this Christmas. The only thing that would make me sad is the reminder of how I had to leave my own kitty at the vet’s when I travelled for Christmas, and when I came back from a trip, she was always a little underweight and sad. Have a great holiday, and wish Trixie and your former roommate the same from another cat lover across the country! Also, to your folks.

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