Christmas Wishlist

24 Dec

Christmas is tomorrow, and you still don’t know what to get me?! Never fear, my friend. I have a few things that I really wouldn’t mind getting this year, and I’m pretty sure no one has picked them up for me.


1. Calorie-less brie cheese. It needs to be the exact flavor and consistency of the real stuff. Also, it needs to be tested and approved by 9 out of 10 French cheese people. No problem, right?

2. Cher’s 1995 closet technology.


3. The power to apparate to wherever I like. I’ve read the Harry Potter books. I know this is a possibility. Someone just needs to get me the proper wizardry lessons to make this a possibility. I promise to take you on apparating trips!

4. The ability to stop time for an hour at a time. I realize that stopping time for much more than an hour would probably mess things up, but sometimes I really just need an extra hour! You know what you can do in that time? Get in a good nap, read about 60 pages of a novel (yay!) or 30 pages of an academic journal (boo…), stare at the ceiling fan for a good, long time, or watch a full episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. So many options.

5. One of those Google self-driving cars.

6. A boyfriend on demand. I’m sure there are a lot of grad school folks out there who understand how the “I had a nice time! Oh, when you can you see me again? Does 3 1/2 weeks from now work for you?” busy lifestyle goes. What’s the answer to that problem?! THE BOYFRIEND-ON-DEMAND 2013! He must come with built-in cooking, drink-making, lightbulb changing, conversation and cuddling skills. He should come with a  cute, but well behaved dog. He probably should also know how to apparate so he can come and go quickly and quietly. You know, I’m not horrible. I wouldn’t want to do this to any actual man, because that’s just mean. Obviously. But in my fantasy world…the Boyfriend-on-Demand 2013 (or the BoD 2k13) would really make my life easier. So if someone wants to figure out that technology, that would be AWESOME.

hey girl
Hope y’all got some great ideas! Thanks in advance!

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