What I Read This Week: 12/20 – 12/26/12

26 Dec

lonesome dove

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

You know how long I have been “reading” (and by reading, I mean keeping it under a pile of Glamour magazines by my bed) Lonesome Dove? Four months. Yikes. I started it on the trip to Texas, and just could never find the time to really, truly dive in. And you’re not doing Lonesome Dove right unless you dive in.

Lonesome Dove is a western epic, that follows a few semi-retired Texas rangers on a cattle run from south Texas all the way to Montana. Led by Call, your quiet, brusque but secretly warm cowboy, and Gus, a hilarious, chatty, warm counterpart to Call, the Lonesome Dove crew very slowly meanders their way across the country. On the way, they meet ne’er-do-wells (some within their own team), sad, dreamy prostitutes, friendly and not so friendly American Indians, and a whole bunch of quirky characters.

I enjoyed the book, although at times I really just wanted to tell them to hurry it up a little bit. Even though at times it seemed as though the crew would never make it to Montana, the plot never lagged. There were too many side-plots, characters and adventures for that.

Recommended if you’re looking for a big, heavy book to engross you for a while. Try not to take four months to finish it though. Holy moly.


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