January Currently.

3 Jan
Wake up, city.

Pretty SF, by flickr user Cyril-sf.

I am currently…


I’ve been all over California over the past three weeks, but the trip is finally coming to an end. I’m writing from a fancy SF cafe right now, as I just celebrated New Year’s Eve here with a ton of old friends. I love visiting these folks I’ve known for ages, as it’s more about catching up and having fun than running around the city trying to see everything. That being said, I did drop by the Cable Car Museum today, which was surprisingly fascinating. I’m also on a mission to find Chinatown’s BEST dan tat (Chinese egg custard tarts that I am addicted to).


Um, everything? Seriously, the past few weeks has not been good for my diet, but hey. I’m only in California for a few weeks, so I’m going to eat all the food I miss! Highlights: the perfect plain bagel with cream cheese from The Bagel Broker, dim sum twice(!), sushi and a ridiculously good tempura salad, Scoops ice cream, amazing baklava, and lots of homemade meals. Super happy camper…even if I’m dreading getting on the scale back in Austin.


“Bad Girls” by MIA was obviously the New Year’s Eve song.

“Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis has been in my head for the past few days.

And can we just say that I totally became a Belieber this year. Get it, Justin. (And how amazing is it that this music video has synchronized swimming?)


Keep up the 5-6 workout a week schedule, but throw in a bit more yoga so I stay flexible. Run a 10k and MAYBE a half marathon. Maybe. Cook more healthy meals. Get a kickass summer internship. Watch where my money goes. Read at least 60 books. Get better at partner dancing (I will be a fantastic two-stepper by the end of my stay in Texas. I WILL!) Cry less, laugh more.


Long walks in big cities, hugs from old friends, life conversations with the people who know you best, surprisingly good rental movies (“The Five-Year Engagement” is pretty good, though it may make you think a bit harder about your past and present relationships than you want to…), sweeping views of San Francisco, conversations about books with my cousin’s super cool 9 year old son, adventures.


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