February Currently.

31 Jan

lady sybil

I feel as though I spent three quarters of January in getting back into school/work mode.  I thought I’d get back to Austin and start cranking out internship applications, fantastic workouts and great comments in class. Instead…I’ve been lazy. Finally, this week, things have seemed to click. I’m back in the game, baby!

I’m currently…


DOWNTON ABBEY! I’ve always loved this show (I’m pretty sure it’s made for ex-English major/UK study abroad students/UK study abroad counselors/costume drama lovers. So, it’s basically just made for me), and the break between season two and three seemed to take forever! I’m so glad it’s back.

 I don’t want to spoil anything from this past week’s episode, but wow. I made the mistake of watching it on my ipad at the gym, and ended up ugly crying while on the elliptical. All the emotions. Too many emotions.


Healthy again! Woo! I really let go during the holidays, which, while I don’t regret any of the delicious meals I had, made me feel a bit off the rails. Last week I actually made proactive steps to get my eating habits under control, and I feel so much better about myself. It’s amazing how anxiety can just melt away when you actually take steps to fix your situation. You’d think I had figured that out by age 27, huh?


The loss of my absolute favorite karaoke bar in Austin! This is not your average karaoke bar. In true weird Austin fashion, this is the place where EVERYONE is welcome. Cowboys, goths, bros, sorority girls, a one-eyed guy who goes by Cyclops! And everyone’s weirdly friendly! Unfortunately, they’re shutting down for reasons I don’t understand, so a friend and I hit it up for its last night. Neither of us sang, but the people watching was, as usual, top notch. RIP Canary Hut Pub.


To drink more water! Why can’t I do this?!


My latest Spotify obsessions:

“Merry Go Round” by Kacey Musgrave. The country song that punctures the myths of the perfect rural small town.

“Hot Knife” by Fiona Apple. Because how can you not love Fiona? And the loopiness of this track is hypnotizing/sexy.

And, yeah, I may be reverting to a 13 year old girl. Last month I featured Bieber, and this month…Conor Maynard. I just can’t help it. Their music is ridiculously catchy! As Conor would say, “Houston, I think we have a problem.”


Smart, interesting class discussions, this really good chicken bean crockpot recipe, Buffalo Exchange, having super productive Tuesday mornings since I don’t have class until 12, bike rides in this ridiculously warm, Texas weather, fun potlucks with amazing steak tacos, the gym emptying out as the resolution folks are giving up, fun mail.

What about y’all?


Give me a shout!

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