C’est Magnifique.

18 Feb

I’m really creative at procrastinating school work. I have a paper due for a class this week, so I decided I should write a nice, detailed outline first so putting the whole paper together wouldn’t be overwhelming.

And by put together an outline, I totally meant watch clips of Mad Men on Youtube. Oh yeah. I’m sure that was a fantastic use of my time. Anyway, for anyone who has somehow missed the Mad Men phenomenon, I’ve decided that this video clip may be the perfect, weird introduction.

It has it all! Bizarre musical interludes, gorgeous costumes, complex relationships portrayed in coded looks, and Joan, one of the world’s most tragic characters hidden under the most perfect, self-possessed curvy veneer. I have always gone between wanting to be her (proof of this is in my collection of wiggle dresses for the office) and wanting to save her. That’s a hard dichotomy to pull off.

She’s certainly the only person I can think of on television who can make an accordion look sexy.


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