Splurging…in your poor 20s.

28 Feb

I loved Joy’s post about the things that are worth splurging on in your thirties, but as a graduate student 20-something, I figured I should make my own list, as fancy pots and skin cream are still well out of my budget.

So, oh you poor 20-somethings, listen up. Yes, you can be cheap about some things (store brand shaving cream is JUST as good as the name brand stuff. Duh.), here are the things that you really should be spending some of that hard-earned dosh on.

Brand name Saran Wrap


I know. It’s tempting to buy the cheap plastic wrap. What could go wrong? Plastic’s, plastic, amirite? No. No. You are not right. Do you really want to end up not being able to rip off the plastic because of the box having a knife edge that could barely cut through pudding? And, if you do manage to get the cheap stuff off the roll, your woes will just multiply as it will stick to absolutely everything EXCEPT the dish you want to cover. This is always how it works. Always. Buy the brand name stuff.

The nice toilet paper

angry toilet paper

Obviously. Why even consider the other stuff? You may be cheap, but you’re not THAT cheap, are you?


Vodka in a plastic bottle

Wouldn’t you want to feel as though you’re 20 and carefree again? Wouldn’t you like to have liquor in the house that can strip paint off walls, act as rubbing alcohol AND maybe make you go blind? Well then. Buy the vodka in the plastic bottle. If you are a functioning adult who doesn’t want to ruin your insides, why don’t you upgrade to the next cheapest brand of vodka?

dollar store condoms out of date

Condoms and Pregnancy Tests

You know, you can get both of these for a buck at the dollar store? You know what you don’t want to buy for a buck at the dollar store…? Well, unless you actually want to have sex with a condom and still get knocked up. In that case, go for it! The dollar store has your back! And your dollar store pregnancy test will almost guarantee that you end up on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” which is every girl’s dream.




2 Responses to “Splurging…in your poor 20s.”

  1. Emily February 28, 2013 at 6:22 pm #

    I can’t decide what’s worse – that those prophylactics are out of date and from the dollar store…or the misuse of punctuation. Plural is not possessive. And anyone who can’t get that right should not be responsible for whether or not I bring human life into the world, thanks very much.

  2. Laura Rowsell (@LauraRowsell) March 1, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    Is it even legal to sell out of date condoms?! Surely it isn’t! I have to agree with your entire list though- ESPECIALLY the plastic wrap (we call it clingfilm, so it PAINS me to call it that haha!) because OMG yes what is up with the cheap stuff?! It’s worth spending a little more just to avoid crying on the kitchen floor.

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