Trixie Tuesday…If Trix was an Alienish Little Critter.

12 Mar

As I’ve been running low on Trixie pictures, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with Tuesdays. I was thinking of featuring some adoptable kitties for anyone who wants their own crazy cat, but this week I got distracted by…


sugar glider 2


I don’t even know how to process these guys. It’s like an alien bred with a skunk bred with a monkey bred with a Pikachu and VOILA. Sugar glider!

sugar glider 3

There are a few on Petfinder, and almost all the descriptions warn that they are not particularly friendly critters. You may be able to tame them down…or they’re just going to be perpetually angry. Hard to say. One adoptable sugar glider was named “Pissy Pixie.” Looovely.

sugar gilder 1

But when they’re this weirdly cute, they can be just as pissy as they please.


One Response to “Trixie Tuesday…If Trix was an Alienish Little Critter.”

  1. shadowoperator March 12, 2013 at 7:26 am #

    While I naturally prefer to look at Trix, the star of our show, I’m also interested in what else you’ve found–just please don’t let the “nature” Tuesdays lapse: we need to look at some of the other faces in nature occasionally!

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