Decorating from the Archives.

18 Mar

As I currently work in one archive and volunteer at another, I spend a lot of time sifting through old photographs. There are the banal family portrait pics, the boring landscapes, and, every so often, a really amazing shot of someone or somewhere long forgotten.

The Shorpy Archive and the Juniper Gallery have now teamed up so you can buy prints of some of these amazing archival shots. I think they’d look great framed in my future apartment!

Some I love…

shorpy farmA farm snack.

shorpy newsiesThese tough St. Louis newsies

shorpy pie eatersThese bathing suit pizza eaters.

shorpy dog

 Greaseball, the Stevens Airport mascot. Look at those ears!

Local archives often will sell prints of their most popular photos too, so they’re worth checking out if you want to rep your city in your home decor.

Archives! Good for more than storing dusty old stuff! Woot!


One Response to “Decorating from the Archives.”

  1. Valorie Grace Hallinan March 18, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

    These are wonderful, but I love the one at the top the best.

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