28 New Things – Attend a Special Movie Event at Alamo Drafthouse

29 Apr

Alamo Drafthouse. It’s hard to describe just how cool this movie theater chain is.


The Drafthouse is an Austin based chain (one’s coming to LA soon!), that has super strict rules — no texting/phone calls/late entries/babies — and yet manages to be a friendly, fun space. This is probably thanks to their absolutely delicious food and drinks that are brought to you as you watch. Or the absolutely plush seats. Or the silly previews. I just love it all…although I am still getting over them changing their menu. I’m not going to be able to eat creme brulee while watching a movie! Pah!

And, amazingly, it’s not even that expensive when compared to LA movie prices! That’s not saying too much though.

Anyway, the programming at the Drafthouse is stupendous. They hire people whose only job is to figure out what crazy cool stuff we might want to see. The 90’s Leo and Claire version of Romeo and Juliet? Sure. How about Mystery Science Theater 3K versions of movies with laugh tracks. Of course. Or The Big Lebowski quote alongs. Duh.So, while I’ve seen regular movies like Pitch Perfect and Looper here, I’ve also gone to a special showing of Ghostbusters (WHOYOUGONNACALL?!).

And the best special event? The Way Gay Sing-Along. 

Here’s how it went. You come in. You get fancy light up rings and necklaces. You stand in the aisles. You sing at the top of your lungs to gay icon music videos. You leave feeling like a brand new, super happy person.

I really can’t recommend it more.

I’m hoping to go to the Boy Band sing along or the Pop Princess sing along next, because I’m pretty sure all of Austin needs to hear my renditions of N*Sync and Britney Spears’ greatest hits.

If any of y’all make it to Austin any time soon, get yourself to the Alamo Drafthouse. I promise you won’t regret it.


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