May Currently.

2 May

Roid Week 2010 - he likes dandelions

April has been the prettiest month I’ve seen so far in Texas. Wildflowers absolutely everywhere! Abnormally mild weather! Cute fuzzy little caterpillars crossing the road! And tonight, my first firefly sighting! I swear, fireflies are more magic than insect.

And, more importantly, I was able to figure out what exactly I’m doing with the next three months of my life! It may have taken almost all month, but I have an internship. I have a plan. As school ends tomorrow, May is my month to relax before I head back into the working world.

Alright May. Let’s do this.

I’m currently…


Really good Chinese food! Dim sum, dumplings, hand stretched noodles, green onion pancakes, and my favorite, custard tarts! I haven’t been able to find too much of that here in Austin. I am fully prepared to gorge myself when I get back to California.


I made a California playlist on Spotify a few days ago that I can’t leave alone. Some of the highlights:

“The Only Place” by Best Coast

“I Love LA” by Randy Newman (Can I just take a moment to acknowledge how awesome this music video is? 1980’s LA at it’s best! I would go to any beach party that Randy Newman throws.)


My move into a studio apartment! This will be the first time that I live entirely alone, and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s all very adult. I’ve been scrolling through Apartment Therapy and a whole bunch of small space interior design blogs for inspiration, because, although the place isn’t too small, there will be a few storage issues. Teeny tiny kitchen, I’m looking at you!

Also, I’m getting excited for my road trip back to LA. Yes, west Texas is big and boring, but I’m hoping to find some cool stuff along the way. Marfa, perhaps? Visit a friend in El Paso? Food cart food in Tucson? It could be great! I’ll stock up on an audiobook or two first though.


New to me country singer Caitlin Rose. I saw her at a fun country concert at the Mohawk, and she was absolutely fantastic. The girl has an old soul style, complete with country belting power. Plus, her mom won a Grammy for writing with Taylor Swift. I like this fact.


Warm evening runs, counting down classes until summer vacation (um, I’m at 1 now); HAVING a summer vacation; the movie Safety Not Guaranteed; new episodes of Mad Men; re-runs of Sex and the City on tv during my lunch break; recording a rap for a class presentation and blowing all the other presentations away; meeting new, nice folks; going on dates that are so bad that you win the worst date ever award from your friends (looking on the bright side here); and visits from old friends, even if they are only for a night.


One Response to “May Currently.”

  1. rossmurray1 May 2, 2013 at 5:50 am #

    Best Coast. Best song for May.

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