Those Summer Days.

6 May

It’s the first Monday of summer break…and I completely forgot to post. Like, didn’t even think of it until 2 pm. Whoops.

And I wish I had a good reason! I mean, if I was out sunning myself or on a road trip, that would be one thing…but no. I was at my archives job and then came home to eat apples and peanut butter while watching a classic 1989 episode of Roseanne (John Goodman is my homeboy). This is real talk, y’all.

So, what are the things that I’m excited to do this summer?

He fell for my line.jpg

  •  Eat my weight in cherries. Immediately regret it.
  • Marathon the new season of Arrested Development while eating frozen bananas!
  • Outdoor concerts. What up, Hollywood Bowl?! And outdoor movies! Heyyy Hollywood Forever!
  • Baseball games! Astros, Dodgers and Angels, at least.
  • Lying in the sun at the beach…and somehow managing to avoid a sunburn while I do so.
  • Finding more fireflies in Austin! I’ve only seen them once, but they are pure magic.
  • Cold smoothies for breakfast on hot mornings.
  • Picnics wherever, whenever.
  • Road trips, both solo and with friends.
  • Celebrating the marriages of some dear friends and family members.
  • Fireworks and birthday cake.
  • Exploring all the fresh fruit options at the farmers market.
  • Daisy dukes (well, as close as I get to Daisy Dukes) and short skirts. It’s summer. I DO WHAT I WANT.

What about you guys? Anything I forgot?


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