June Currently.

30 May


As you read this, I am road tripping back to California! If you want to check out my adventures, follow me on Instagram.

I’m currently…


Aging…and no, not in the wrinkles way. I’m turning 28 in a month, which seems like a good, sturdy number. A few of my girlfriends and I have been discussing how, even over the past three or four years, we feel as though we have come into our own. Some of us have less body issues, some feel more confident in their careers, and some feel more able to handle their love lives. Most of my friends who are in their thirties say that they really felt a huge surge in confidence in their thirties, and that they wouldn’t go back to being in their twenties. I wonder how true that will be for me. I do feel that I’m getting better about not caring about things that don’t matter, which is huge. Hopefully it’s all good things from here on out!

Listening to…

Since I read Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, I’ve been on an 80s hip hop kick. The videos are absolutely ridiculous. My favorite? Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky.” If Penn and Teller ever steal my chain in a rigged card game, I’ll make sure to call Run DMC, so they can rescue me with their purple, furry helicopter. Yessss.


The new season of Arrested Development on Netflix. It’s great to see the Bluths together again, even though I find the season a bit uneven. I know that they had to do episodes focusing on only one character at a time to accommodate the stars’ other filming schedules, but I finish they hadn’t needed to do that. Arrested Development’s is at its best when it is flipping between all the ridiculous situations that the characters find themselves in. Also, the cast has an incredible rapport. So, yes, I’m excited to see it’s back, but I think I’ll stick with the first three seasons from here on out.


Kolaches! Kolaches are a Czech dumpling thing that can be either sweet or savory, and, due to the large Czech population, is really popular in Central Texas. There are a bunch of kolache chains around that have all sorts of flavors. I had my first two, and, honestly, thought they were only ok, but I’m going to try them again in a smaller town outside Austin tomorrow on my way to New Mexico. Also, supposedly the best kolaches are in West, Texas — the city that was devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion a month ago. Another reason to keep donating to their recovery efforts!

Thanking my lucky stars for…

All the friends I’ve made here in Austin over the past nine months. This could’ve been a very, very lonely year, but I was so lucky to meet some folks who have the same brand of crazy that I do. Also, having able bodied friends who own pick-up trucks and can help you move all your crap into a storage unit? AMAZING.

And, of course, all my friends and family in California. Can’t wait!


2 Responses to “June Currently.”

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart May 30, 2013 at 6:43 am #

    It’s good to hear how things change from mid-twenties to late twenties/thirties. I keep waiting for that burst of confidence and to feel comfortable in my life, hopefully that day will be just a few years around the corner!

  2. Courtney May 30, 2013 at 2:28 pm #

    Did you watch all of Arrested Development? I actually liked the way they tied everything together, although it did take a few episodes to get used to it.

    Totally with you on the getting older thing; I’m turning 29 in a few months (still hard to wrap my head around sometimes) and I’ve definitely found that I’m more comfortable with myself now than I’ve ever been.

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