Trixie Tuesday: The Red Dot Situation.

11 Jun

need to catch that red dot

Trixie would agree.


One Response to “Trixie Tuesday: The Red Dot Situation.”

  1. shadowoperator June 11, 2013 at 5:45 am #

    Great photo and comment! My brother used to have a cat named Harry, blind in one eye, who walked around in circles in order to see where he was going (since he could only see from one side). His favorite pasttime at Christmas was chasing the reflections of the blinking lights, and also my brother had one of those old stoves that have blue lights in the back of them, and he chased the reflections of that as well. He had a back foot which had been injured in an accident when he was a kitten, and because Harry didn’t like to have it touched, my brother called it “The Paw of Rage.” Now my brother is bored silly because he has an average cat named Red Buttons whose most startling feat is to let the children carry him around any old way, and who sleeps a lot; he misses all the cats we’ve had over the years who’ve had more personality!

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