Lost in LA: Traffic!

18 Jul

OK. Folks. The traffic in LA is bad. We are officially #1 in the US right now for time stuck in traffic (BACK ON TOP! Suck it, Honolulu!). There are certain routes that are basically impassable for hours out of the day. And yet…we’re kind of proud…? We’re tough! We live with this and we still manage to get places! You know that Saturday Night Live skit about the Californians, where Los Angelenos are constantly giving each other inane driving advice? That’s pretty accurate.

So what to do while you’re sitting in traffic trying to decide if you really should take Sunset to the 405 to the 101 or if you should do the Sepulveda Pass?

Well, podcasts + music + talking to yourself + actually taking the time to think about life usually does the trick for me. Unless I am late for something, I can usually be somewhat zen about sitting around. The rest of my life is pretty fast-paced right now, so a break, even when sitting surrounded by another million drivers, can be nice. Just blast the A/C, turn up the music and be patient.

You can also always spy on the people in the cars around you. There are so many people dancing, making weird faces and otherwise doing inappropriate car things, that it’s always a good time. It’s also great when you catch someone spying on you. You’ll know when you make awkward eye contact.

So, safe driving everyone! And if you want some suggestions on shortcuts (though a lot of these aren’t REALLY shortcuts…Franklin. Psh. Have they ever actually driven the hell that is Franklin?!), here’s a great infographic. I personally love Laurel Canyon, Benedict Canyon and Beverly…but I’m not telling you my real shortcuts. Like a true Los Angeleno, those are going with me to the grave.



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