Friday Fun Day – 8/2/2013

2 Aug
LA sunsets are my favorite.

LA sunsets are my favorite, especially when they’re seen from a rooftop in Hollywood.

My last for real weekend in LA. Aw man. I’m pretty bummed, but I’m going to stuff it full of friends, museum visits, brunches, potlucks, spa visits, ice cream, picnics, outdoor movies and a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Yes, that is all happening this weekend. I know. I’m exhausted just looking at it. But happy! So, so happy.

What I Learned

  • George Chakiris, the actor who played super dreamy Bernardo in the movie West Side Story, has a side business where he designs and sells really ugly jewelry. Yep. This is what I’m learning at my summer internship, folks!
  • You know the breaking of the glass at Jewish weddings? You guys. That’s often a lightbulb. I know. Your mind is blown as much as mine was when I found this out this past weekend. Well, I guess better a lightbulb and having it easier to break than jumping repeatedly on a real glass.



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