July and August Currently…late!

5 Aug

Los Angeles County - 1928 Front and Back Cover Foldout)

I somehow managed to miss both July and August’s “Currently posts”! And I’m doing so much good stuff currently! Come on, Mandy. Get it together.

I’m currently…


Some crazy good Korean food in KTown! After a spa day out with a friend, we decided to grab dinner at Ham Ji Park, as it had great Yelp reviews. Um. The stacks of piping hot pork ribs? Delicious. The hearty, flavorful neck bone and potato stew? Also delicious. I’m so glad we gave the place a shot!

I’m also getting in some Trader Joe’s faves before I head back to Austin. We are supposedly getting a Trader Joe’s in September though! Can’t wait!

Oh, and I’m eating all the cheap avocados while I can. Californians, we have it really good.

Listening to…

I just went to a really fun Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. They are the best sing-along band! All three of the songs they played at their NPR Tiny Desk Concert were highlights of the concert.

“San Francisco” by Foxygen has also been in pretty heavy rotation on my iPod. It’s perfect summer, hippie California music.


Orange is the New Black! Ok. I know that everyone is into this show right now, but come on. It’s so good. All the characters are compelling, the dialogue is snappy, yet realistic, and Crazy Eyes is the human version of Trixie! I’m so glad to hear that they are already planning on releasing a season 2. Well done, Netflix.

Also, this summer I was able to see a screening of The Crash Reel, a documentary about snowboarder Kevin Pearce who suffered a traumatic brain injury. It really documents the culture of snowboarding, the dangers and appeal of extreme sports, and, above all, a family’s strength. I thought I’d have no interest in the subject matter, but I was riveted. I believe the movie has already shown on HBO, and it should be coming to regular movie theaters in December. Seek it out if you can.


The LA weather before I have to go back to Austin weather. 70-80 degrees, low humidity and blue skies…I never fully appreciated it until I lived in Texas. How amazing is this place?! HOW DOES THIS EVEN EXIST?!?! I keep looking at my phone and seeing the 105 degree temperatures in Austin. God. Better enjoy this now.

Also, of course, seeing all my friends. It’s been a good, fun-filled summer. Hopefully now I can really hit the ground running as the school year takes off!


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