Trixie Tuesday – Looooong Trix.

6 Aug


When I first started sleeping on roommate’s couch this summer, Trixie could take or leave me. She’s not the cuddliest, so sometimes she’d sleep right at my feet, and other times she’d just sleep under the couch. That was until I discovered her absolute favorite blanket. Now, I wake up with her fully spooning my leg, stretched out to full length on the Trixie blanket. It’s impressive to see how long she can be. Her little white back toes are at the very top of this picture. Look at how long she is! Good job, Trixie Trix.


One Response to “Trixie Tuesday – Looooong Trix.”

  1. shadowoperator August 6, 2013 at 6:22 am #

    What a picture of contentment! Cats can make us contented with our own lives because they really demand so little to be content with their own. Glad to hear you got a snuggle or so from Trixie.

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