Friday Fun Day – 8/9/13

9 Aug

Midsummer Day, Bronx Park  (LOC)

My internship is over, so it’s now time to wrap up all the loose ends here in California before heading back to Texas. I’m soaking in the cool weather, the mountains and the friends before starting the never ending drive through the desert. Siiiiigh. Hope you all have fantastic weekend plans!

What I Learned

  • One of the reasons Hollywood became Hollywood was the variety of landscapes in California. I knew that, but I had no idea that Paramount Studios actually drew a California map showing which regions of California could stand in for other places. Apparently, I grew up in the Africa area of California. Would never have guessed.
  • You can now buy H&M’s home goods online! They have some very cute, very cheap duvet covers that I have my eye on…
  • There is a fantastic tool, Rentometer, where you can see if you’re paying a reasonable rent for your neighborhood. So helpful for renters like me! Apparently, I was getting the deal of a lifetime in my old LA neighborhood. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a falling down building in an awesome neighborhood.




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