Road Tripping…Again!

12 Aug

Texas Bingo
Time to head back to Texas! WHAT HOW DID THE SUMMER GO SO QUICKLY?!

I have no idea.

I’m actually driving all the way to New Orleans for an archivists conference. I mean, it totally makes senese to have an archivists conference in a massive party city. Archivists are crazy party animals! We just party differently than the rest of you…quietly and without meeting each other’s eyes (JK, archivists, JK).

So, it’s time once again to load up my phone with podcasts, stuff the back of the car with all my belongings and buy healthy snacks that I will undoubtedly ignore and eat gas station food instead.

To answer all the questions I’ve been asked about this over the past couple weeks:

Yes, I’m doing this alone. Really. No, I’m not worried. No, I won’t be lonely. It’s really not a big deal. Really.

Anyway, goodbye to cool, perfect weather, ridiculously golden evening light and beautiful mountains. Hello to non-stop heat and horribly dull, flat landscapes, but also hello to Texan accents, breakfast tacos and very pretty lakes. And, of course, hello to my insane school/work/not having much of a life schedule.

You guys ready for grad school year 2?! LET’S DO THIS!


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